Individual Therapy

Mike works with individuals coping with issues such as:

one_catMood Disorders - Whether you are dealing with a clinical mood disorder or anxiety from a situational event, Mike will work with you to help you understand your best coping strategies to manage your mood. Understanding how you interpret past and present life events will increase awareness of how you view yourself and the world. With this awareness, you can learn to alter your perspective and influence your mood. Part of treatment may include a referral for medication consultation to assess whether pharmocological intervention is necessary.

Abuse/Trauma - Whether you have a history of verbal, physical or sexual abuse, or experienced a traumatic event, Mike will help you understand how you define these painful events in your life and work toward resolving them.

Grief and Loss - Losing a loved one either by death or the termination of a relationship is always difficult. Mike is skilled in assisting you in the grieving process with compassion and support. The goal is to gradually refocus your life while keeping the memory of your loved one alive.

Anger Management - Mike will assist you in gaining awareness of your response to anger, understanding the potential impact of your behaviors and getting in touch with other feelings underneath the anger. The goal is to develop the skills to assert yourself appropriately and verbalize your needs in a non-threatening, non-aggressive way.

Self-esteem - Contrary to popular belief, self-esteem is not about body shape and size. It is not about looks. It is about believing you are capable to handle life's challenges, recognizing your assets and being open to criticism. It is the feeling of being worthy of happiness, of having your needs met and of discarding ideas of perfectionism. Mike will work with you in understanding how your family-of-origin and past life events help shape your self-esteem. You will learn how to alter your perception of yourself.

Sexuality/gender issues - In a supportive, empowering manner, Mike can assist you in learning to accept yourself for who you are, despite negative influences. The goal is to increase fulfillment in your life and to live true to yourself.

Life Stress - Discover how to take care of yourself in order to handle your life challenges. Contrary to what some people believe, meeting your needs does not mean you are being selfish. Taking care of yourself is necessary to be able to fully care for those who are dependent on you. You may have heard about the airline safety analogy. In the event of an emergency, passengers are informed to put an oxygen mask on themselves before putting it on their child. This is because the parent needs to make sure he/she is OK to tend to the child. This is a simple way to understand the importance of making sure your needs are met so that you are at your best to take care of your responsibilities. Additionally, Mike will help you figure out your barriers to self-care.

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